I help content creators and service providers organize and run their businesses with ease and mindful productivity

I’m Francesca

A fellow content creator and service provider. And I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to stay on top of the seemingly endless tasks that come with running an online business.

I’ve spent countless hours exploring many styles of paper planning and bullet journaling, and have tried out just about any organization hack I could find. On top of that, I’ve been mildly obsessed with personal growth, mindset, and living intentionally for most of my life. 

I’ve combined these passions to design organization tools tailored to the needs of content creators and service businesses. My tried and true tools have been created to help you run your online business more seamlessly – while enabling you to have fun in the process. 

Everything I create is done with mindfulness as a foundation. Because I’m all about helping you design your business to fit your desired lifestyle; not the other way around. 

Business and life organization that doesn’t make your head spin.

I’ve struggled over the years with finding the tools that could help me keep everything I had to juggle straight. If something got close to what I needed, it was unappealing to the eye and boring to use. On the other hand, planners and organization systems that were aesthetically pleasing weren’t too useful when it came to actually keeping me organized. After a while, it all started to make my head spin and I was beyond frustrated. 

After plenty of trial and error, I discovered I loved using technology and making tools for digital planning, whether on an app like GoodNotes or Notion. Which led me to create my signature Notion life system for online business owners, LifeVizion

Using technology to keep my business and personal life organized made me enjoy the workday and brought me more peace of mind. Now, I get to spend my days blending my love for design, data, intentional productivity, and personal growth to help like-minded content creators and service providers like you. And I couldn’t be happier! 

Ready to finally streamline your business and life? 

a few fun facts about me

  • I have a bit of a coffee addiction and I’m not embarrassed to admit it
  • I was born in Italy, raised in Panama, and currently live in Florida
  • I’m a bookworm – so much so that I’ve been running a successful book blog with book loving friends for years
  • When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying the sun while lost in a good book
  • I’m obsessed with all things elephants – don’t ask 🙂

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